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TPFramework v 2
thelab / Monday, 07 September 2009 12:49


This template is powered by TPFramework v 2.0, a Joomla Template Framework from that comes with a lot of exciting features, such as :

  • Mobile Devices Support

    With this feature enabled, your website will look different when viewed from mobile browsers, such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, smartphones, etc.
    It will also load faster because it has been optimized for mobile devices usage.
    If your visitors don't like it, they can easily switch to the standard desktop browser mode, simply by clicking the switch button.
  • Sophisticated Template Backend

    No more harcodes! You can make a lot of changes to the layout of your joomla site just by changing the template settings. You can change the width and height of your content blocks, typefaces, font sizes, etc, just with a few clicks in the backend configuration page.

    Install / Uninstall Elements, TPFramework has a built-in installer system (Ajax Powered) that allows you to install and uninstall TPFramework elements such as Extensions, Mobile Themes and Skeletons easily

  • Template Extensions

    TPFramework extensions will enrich the template system with great functions and javascript effects such as Cufon (Font Replacement), TPMenu (Dropdown, DropXTD Mega menu, Dropline ect), Mootabs, Acordion Effect, etc.
  • Skeleton

    Templates with TPFramework are mostly released with several skeletons for you to choose, so you can freely decide which content structure will suit your need the best!
    If you want to, you can even use them all! That's because you can assign each skeleton to a specific item id. So it is possible to have different content structures in various pages throughout your website. If needed, you can also hide the mainbody section for specific item id too.
  • Compressed CSS and JS

    All CSS and Javascript files in TPFramework have been compressed into single css and js files
    This will reduce the file size + HTTP Request and making your website loads faster.
  • And many other features

    Built in IE6 Blocker, SEO setting, Online TPFramework version checker , etc ..
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